Jon Oyarbide

Consultor Asociado Madrid, España

Throughout different management positions in large multinational corporations, I have been always committed to build up a multidisciplinary profile qualified to lead innovative venture, fast growing, high impact, fully engaged teams. My relentless passion for digging into deeper understanding of the businesses value stream components, linked to an analytical approach to challenging scenarios and an absolute devotion to a best-in-class execution, only feasible if propelled by talent arising from groups of people motivated to tackle defiance and driven to transcend and explore actual problems while experiencing satisfaction across the transformation journey, are the engine which feeds the ambition and determination to follow the trip to a continuous improvement status.

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  • ROMPe

    ROMPe is generous, always putting people ahead, to underpin leadership. Genuine, analytical, agile and flexible to build trust

  • BBVA Group

    Member of the LOB's executive team.  Lead a 3-people team at the headquarters and over 50 people abroad in a brand new, fast growing, high return integrated business line within the BBVA Group (IBT>€ 300 Mio). Footprint, 11 countries (Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, USA, Turkey and China) representing >€13 Bio. Investment portfolio, > €14 Bio. Turnover. CF business management and financial statements perimeter definition and homogeneous data collection within Group’s management information framework for each country and line of activity (Auto finance, Floor Plan, Other Consumer Businesses). Conceive, implement and execute business analysis and reporting processes through proper deployment and governance to support LOB’s and Group’s decision-making process underpinned by comprehensive, insightful and intuitive management tools released monthly, up to the Group’s Board of Directors. Over 40 strategic alliances (OEMs, auto dealer groups, retailers, tech companies, etc...) assessed (business case) to grab value generation aligned with CF target.

  • BBVA Group

    Senior Auditor (International Subsidiaries) / Senior Accountant (Financial Markets) / Credit Risk Senior Analyst (GRM-Financial Institutions) / Global Cash Management Product Manager (Transactional Services) / Transaction Banking Strategy Director (Transactional Services) / Senior Manager (Transformation & Processes Unit) / 


    Start-up captive company acting as financial arm of Volvo Truck dealer in Spain. Lead a 2-people team aimed at defining and implement financial, taxes, HR, IT & Operations and Stakeholders &Regulators relationship management processes within a fast growing – highly demanding environment, managing a € 18 Mio investment portfolio.


    Team leader in due diligence projects (M&A) over Spain based companies. Team leader in corporate finance projects for firm’s clients over Spain based subsidiaries. Team leader for Financial Statement audit process.